MN Twins Dome Fundraiser

18 May 2003

Workers need to be signed in at the Metrodome NLT 9:30 am on Sunday, 18 May.

  • You need to wear black pants and a white t-shirt and I suggest wearing tennis shoes for comfort. After you get through security, you need to go to the uniform room to get your uniform. You will be issued a lightweight button down shirt and apron to wear while working.
  • There is no designated parking for you, however it was recommended that you park in the Hennepin County Medical Center parking ramp (8th Ave & Park Street). It's only 1-2 blocks away.
  • You need to sign in with "Volume Services" by 9:30 am. They might ask you our group name-it is "the Friends of the Flying Vikings". Go in the door marked "Volume Services" on the loading dock. It's behind (and below) the picnic area if you walk around the Metrodome. The picnic area is by Gate D.
  • While working in the booth, we are not supposed to have more than $10 of personal money on you. You should bring your own lock to lock up a purse or jacket in the locker room if you want. There is no place for purses/coats or other personal items in the booth, but you can wear a waist pack.
  • The event starts at 1:05 pm, and then we have to clean up afterward-a rough estimate is 6:00 pm to be all done.

If you have any questions, please contact Vicky Kuntz at (612) 330-7193 during the day or (763) 274-0628 during the evening.