Glendale "Bugler" - Displaying the Flag

While the American flag can be flown year-round, two of the national holidays when flags are generally displayed are coming up. They are Flag Day on June 14th and Independence Day on July 4th. But it's not enough just to fly the American flag; the flag should be displayed properly. Here's a quick brush-up course on flag etiquette. An American flag displayed after dark must be lighted. (This is the most frequently abused "rule.") For those who want to display their flag on the side of their home, fence, porch railing, or elsewhere around the house, keep this rule in mind: As you face the flag, always put the field of stars on the upper left-hand side. That's true whether the flag will be displayed vertically or horizontally. And never let it touch the ground, shrubs, floor, water, or anything else beneath it.

Did you know there is one flag that can be flown higher than the United States flag on U.S. soil? It's the flag of the United Nations... and only when it is flown at the United Nations Building in New York City. And if that statement above interests you, consider yourself a "vexillologist." You may not be able to say it, but a vexillologist by any other name is one who studies flags!

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