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M1 Garand Rifle Canadian John Garand was Chief Civilian Engineer at the Springfield Armory in Massachusetts when he developed a semiautomatic .30 caliber rifle, known as the M1 or "the Garand." After grueling tests, the U.S. Army adopted it in 1936, thus making the United States the first country in history to adopt a semiautomatic rifle as its standard military rifle. Unfortunately, there were many problems with the original M1 as it was first being issued. The M1's early performance problems gave it such a bad reputation that after the 1939 National Matches, the National Rifle Association was able to get Congress to look at the problem. A major redesign was ordered on October 26, 1939, and Garand redesigned the rifle.

In July 1940, the Army demonstrated the revised M1 before Congressional officials, allowing them to fire the rifle for themselves. Senator Ernest Lundeen, a former infantry officer and the M1's biggest critic, fired 27 consecutive bull's-eyes at 300 yards, convincing all at the event that the M1 was the best design available. In November 1940, the US Marine Corps adopted the M1 as its standard service rifle. The M1 was first fired in battle during World War II. Between 1942 and 1945, Springfield Armory and Winchester Repeating Arms built just over 4 million M1 rifles. Over the years the M1 Garand proved to be an exceptional rifle - accurate, durable, rugged, and reliable.

For the M1 and many other technical innovations related to weaponry, John Garand received no monetary award other than his modest Civil Service salary. A bill introduced in Congress to grant him $100,000 did not pass. His reward was a couple of government medals for meritorious service in the early 1940s.

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