Membership Eligibility

Professional associations usually have members who collectively make up the association and are the direct beneficiaries of its activities. The governing body represents the members' interests and ensures that available funds, and the activities supported by those funds, benefit the members and their profession.

Philanthropic associations may also have members, but do not necessarily act solely to benefit them. Instead, the association functions on behalf of individuals with a cause and, therefore, acts in a larger public interest.

In both types of associations members have a direct stake in the organization. They are the organization, i.e. the stakeholders. The membership association exists to handle legislative matters, to provide information and education, and to advance the cause or to enhance the reputation and public acceptance of the members' activities.

The Air Force Sergeants Association is a professional association with a secondary philanthropic mission. Not only does the association benefit the AFSA membership, but a large degree of activities and funds are directed toward others -- non-members, communities, local projects and activities, and the military establishment. AFSA is, indeed, a worldwide organization serving its stakeholders. "The right partner for the Air Force enlisted professional."

Membership is open to former and current Air Force active duty and retired enlisted people of all grades and components. Membership in the AFSA Auxiliary is open to all spouses and family members of those eligible for AFSA membership, including widows or widowers of those individuals.

AFSA members receive a comprehensive services program in addition to their legislative representation. Members stay informed with the association's monthly publication, SERGEANTS Magazine. Affiliate membership is open to all supporter of AFSA.

The AFSA 160,00 membership is calculated as: 29.9% active duty, 47.6% retired, 4% ANG, 4.2% AFRC, 2.5% Other and ll.7% Auxiliary.